5km Run

5km run

  • Turn left out of the apartment and then left into Calle del Dose da Ponte.
  • At Campo San Maurizio go diagonally across and go straight on past Bar Ducal.
  • Just after the Bar Ducal you turn left and then right. Continue straight on in to St Mark's Square.
  • Run through St Mark's Square, past the Campanile and turn right.
  • At the end of the Palazzo Ducale turn left continue running until just after the Paradiso Cafe.
  • Turn around and head back the way you came.

Of course there are endless variations of this run. We tend to carry on to the Naval Academy and then turn around. Or alternatively run down the Viale Piave and then back through the back streets of this area. Let yourself get lost! It's fun and why not bring a few Euros and stop for a coffee!

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